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Director fondator: Mircea Arman, 2015

Director fondator revista pe suport material: Ioan Slavici, 1884

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Tongues Of Flames




Somewhere on the Flamma planet, the inhabitants had the duty to carry a few flames on their bodies, every day and every night. Nobody was allowed to disobey this law and terrible consequences could be suffered by the imprudent. The authorities decided that the flames could have any form and any colour, could be placed at sight or hidden, could glow or blaze. The Supreme Law of Ignition obliged every flame carrier to report monthly to the Flame Verifiers, responsible with assessing the intensity of the flames. They had the power to endow the Flamma people with the honour of the Flame Bearer, under the oath “Flammae et Lucis”. Planet Flamma was to be found in the third of the seventh skies, appearing to the Land of the Humans at twilight, when the sun set all the sky on fire, pouring boiling, luminous lava down on Earth. Humans weren’t aware of this planet’s existence, considering it a spectacle of colour and lights, offered naturally, in the evening.

One day, someone woke up, noticing that his flame was smoldering, emitting coils of smoke around him. The man tried to alert the authorities to announce that, even though he reported monthly, his flames were flawed and wanted to file a claim against the flames inducer. The fire alarm started to ring, frightening the Inefficient Burner, who knew the Flame Verifiers will come to investigate. The IB, the Inefficient Burner, risked to be arrested and thrown into jail. In a few seconds, he decided he had to escape. He knew about the Land of the Humans, situated down low. IB hired an Efficient Burner who visited Earth before, to guide him all the way. During the night, with his burning flames, the Efficient Burner led IB all the way to Earth, leaving him above the highest building in a town. IB crawled down the tower, hiding his flames under an opaque stratum of silvery metal. In the new environment, the smoke disappeared, the blazes have strengthened, lighting the way down the tower. IB’s body temperature was very high, 99 degrees C, slightly melting the windows he rubbed against, while coming down. Even though his temperature was incredibly high, IB never sweltered.

When IB got down, he found the atmosphere bizarre, dark, cold and dusty, unbreathable. His short, blond hair had a strange glow, as if capturing sunlight. The skin was white, almost paper like, while his eyes were glassy blue. Due to his flames, he did not feel the chill, adjusting the intensity of flames to the temperature of the moment. Walking down a street, IB saw a beggar sleeping in a cardboard box, next to a barrel, where a small fire was burning. The vagrant smelt badly, of alcohol, puke and dirt, so IB rushed away. He arrived on a boulevard, where a secret point of communication with the Flamma planet was established. He had to announce his mother that he arrived safely and tell her to keep silent. If they knew, the Flame Verifiers could come search for him on Earth. IB took off the metallic cover, allowing the flames to burst in all directions, extending on his neck and aside on his face. It was a bouquet of pinkish blue tongues of flames, erupting on his left shoulder blade, burning steadily, spreading tremoring light around.

He thrusted the top of the cover into the ground, rotating it counterclockwise. The triangular lid began to spin faster and faster, emitting laser beams skywards. When he was about to finish, a white haired woman passed by, noticing the whole situation. She ran away quickly, disappearing among the buildings. IB removed the metallic triangle and went after the woman. He heard a door closing in the distance, a few houses further. IB neared, jumped over the fence and came to look inside the house from behind. The woman took off her wig, revealing a big, grey head, with two big horns in the forehead. The lady seemed to be an alien from the planet Behemot, a cosmic heaven for traitors and criminals. IB was certain that the monster was about to report his position to the Flame Verifiers, so he had to act fast. Took out his metallic triangle and threw it through the window, aiming her neck. The metal cut her throat, greenish, fluorescent blood flowing in cascades on the floor. The metallic cover came back into his hand, as a boomerang. IB wiped the green blood traces and ran away, scared that his flames could be seen by somebody else, human or alien. He went to the place he was expected, sleeping in a special room, where the walls and furniture were covered with a thin, metallic membrane for fireproof insulation.

In the morning, they reported on the news that a strange creature had been found dead in the house where a mysterious woman lived. The woman recently moved from another town, being involved in the energy traffic ring. She disappeared last night. There is no proof yet for connection between her disappearance and the strange creature which could have killed her. IB started his training in keeping his body temperature at a human level, through respiration techniques and mind control. For the first instruction, he succeeded to lower his temperature ten degrees, which was not bad at all. After the training, IB had to power his energy using a pill, but tomorrow he was scheduled for an intervention, a microprocessor implant in his brain. This was a more advanced option that permitted IB to liberate himself from the pill dependence. The microprocessor transformed the solar energy extracted from light into caloric input transmitted to the brain through electric impulses.

IB covered his flames and reported for duty at the indicated address, being briefed into the job and the protection policies. He was supposed to work as an insurance agent at The Bureau for Relationships and Marriages Insurance. He had to follow a husband involved in an extra-marital affair. The wife and children had to be notified in a subtle way, otherwise the family would be in danger. The spouse, Geena, a blondish woman around thirty, rather plump, with a prominent tummy, became suspicious and scandals had started in the house. Frustrated staying home with four children, the woman lost control and got hysterical. Somebody could step over the line and attack the other one.

The problems had to be solved. IB’s microprocessor was wirelessly connected to the man’s phone, receiving any data sent there and from that number. IB headed towards the restaurant the husband booked for that evening with the other woman. He passed by their table, shooting a series of pictures by glancing at them, insistently and repeatedly. The man was around thirty five, his hair salt and pepper, small, brown eyes, pug-nosed and thin lips, extended into a broad, ingratiating smile. The other woman was younger, with a dark, curly, short hair, dark-eyed, talking out loud with a big, fleshy mouth. She wore a yellow miniskirt and a small, green blouse with a grand décolletage, leaving her belly uncovered and a lot of skin out of the clothes to be seen. Not too classy, but certainly good enough for this fellow. From his file, IB found out that the husband met her at a party, organized by his bachelor friend, where she came together with one of the host’s work colleagues. His wife had to stay home with the children, one of them was ill and her mother couldn’t come to help. First, he decided he shouldn’t go to that party, the youngest child had high fever and vomited a lot. But his fried insisted so much, so he said to his wife that he will only go to salute, and come back, as quickly as possible. He will have his phone at hand, for emergency calls.

At the party, Bob, the husband, saw that woman laughing, dancing in her very short pants, drinking a lot. He did not mind it, but he met her again, while having dinner with his friend and Jeanne, his girl-friend, two weeks after the party. She came to their table and sat there with them, laughing out loud, drinking whisky, talking to Jeanne about going to the night club, that evening. They were introduced, her name was Bronna. “Don’t you want to come with us?”, his friend asked. “I don’t know what Geena would say about it” he replied. “Don’t tell her, it is just an evening, a few hours of fun” his friend added. Unable to refuse the invitation, Bob went to the club, drank, smoked a strange cigarette, and began a relationship with Bronna.

This evening, while his wife fed the children, he was out there with this little tramp, in an isolated restaurant, pleasing her in every way. IB promised himself that this guy must take it the hard way. Therefore, the restaurant wasn’t enough, he needed bigger evidence. The followed man payed the bill and they both got into a car and drove out of town. IB kept after them, till they arrived in front of a hotel, hidden in a small forest. IB waited outside, spotted the window of the room where they were accommodated, and recorded them. Then left, laughing by himself. “What a douchebag. Such a cheap whore”, he thought. IB knew that the husband would then go home, hugging his children, as if nothing had happened. And he will repeat it again, till an end is put to this, abruptly.

IB got back at the Bureau, filed the data in three different copies and sent one to the wife. As if by coincidence, an agent who was a friend of the family was visiting them, to intervene if it would be necessary. The wife started to cry, sobbing in despair, showing her husband the pictures, telling him to go away. “Why, what have I done wrong? Don’t I work for you all?” he shouted from outside. “What about me, I have made children, you said you wanted more than two, I raised them by myself, you never helped. I got fat, no job and no perspectives”. Finally, the husband left, telling her that the other woman makes him happy and he needs her. “What about your kids, don’t they need you?”, the wife screamed as he walked away. Pregnant again, she was about to have a nervous breakdown, threatening she will kill herself and the children and will set the house on fire. Luckily, the agent was there to administer her a calming pill. He then called her mother to come and sleep there, letting her know about the situation.

This was a job well done, IB was proud of himself. Now, he had to get rid of the cheap tramp. He waited one evening in front of her house, kidnapped her and threw her into the river. That was all. He was careful not to be seen, anyway he came from another world, nobody knew him here. He would really like to get rid of the cheater, too, but he had to ask for the Bureau’s approval, as children were involved. IB thought about a car accident, connected wirelessly to the husband’s GPS and crashed him into an old concrete deposit. Now, he had to go somewhere else, the Bureau’s men could come after him any moment. Usually, the Bureau solves the problem in a more human way for the cheaters. “Why should they be considered human if they act inhumanly?”

A man passed by him, wearing a T-shirt with an emblem on his left shoulder, consisting in four columns which seemed to enlarge and open into the moonlight, letting him enter. IB found himself into a rectangular marble temple, sustained by thirty six columns. It seemed to be deserted, lost in darkness, but then he saw a circle of fire and a ballerina dancing on a blazing shrine. A muscular, bald man with a lightning tattoo on his arm and a crest on his head was guarding her. Suddenly, a metallic disk grew out of his hairy crest, starting to roll, flashing sparks, getting closer to the ballerina. Blood waves gushed in all directions, reddening the immaculate white laces of the dress. “Sacrifice to pagan gods”, IB told himself. There was work to do here and IB had no time to lose. This time his mission was to annihilate a gang of criminals infiltrated into an unknown religious organisation, with branches all over the Human World, in all major cities. How could IB return to life the beautiful, innocent ballerina? He had to travel in time, using his metallic cover. He contacted his mother, asking for help, as a spiritual vibe was necessary to activate the time-space jump. His mother told him the secret formula, hummed by IB while he thrusted the metallic triangle into the ground: “Let me control the time and space to straighten a terrible wrong, with your permission. My intentions are totally pure”, IB uttered, while the metallic instrument rotated, casting laser beams up towards the sky.

A miraculous thing occurred in that moment, which took IB by surprise. A young man of unparalleled beauty came down a light beam. He looked like an angel, man and woman at the same time, taking the ballerina in his arms, vanishing together on the light beam. IB was enchanted, his intervention was successful, the ballerina was now saved. Suddenly, the land began to shake and the creatures of the underworld strived to come to the surface, to conquer the world. It was now more than two thousand years that the Umbras were kept under control. An inverted sacrifice was all the World of Perennis Umbras needed to shatter the Earth, requesting the right to come back. Demons of all sizes, shapes and colours sprang to the surface, crying, shouting and screaming horribly. IB stepped behind, his power was limited in this situation, he needed help. He took his metallic cover and placed it above his head, where it started to rotate, projecting a hologram of God, to keep the demons away. Raging terribly, the demons remained in place, without taking a single step towards him.

IB enclosed himself into a protective electromagnetic field, mentally projected, leaving the demons behind. The legion of devils dispersed in a second, searching for welcoming hosts in the neighbouring area. The sky was quickly clouded by a thick curtain of foggy miasma, falling down, closer and closer to the earth. IB regretted the occurrence, but it was too late for that. He had to invoke the powers of the seventh skies now, able to deal with the entities of the Perrenis Umbras. Feeding on crimes, drugs and prostitution, the Umbras could overwhelm the human world, in no time. IB was terribly frightened seeing the demons’ invasion, the time-space jump must have cracked the plasma that linked the seventh skies together. From above, the Flame Verifiers were coming down in a cloud of smoke, searching for him. They wore their black tight uniforms with black metal helmets, looking like aliens. Their outfits were meant to imitate the appearance of the inhabitants from the planet Pluvia, the water beings. This planet was populated with liquid anthropomorphic creatures, whose shape and temperature varied, being able to make themselves invisible, if necessary. They seemed to be transparent, slightly vibrating, the liquid being contained in a very thin crystal membrane. To cover their transparent bodies, the Pluviaes used giant black lions’ leather, extremely rare creatures hiding in their obscure, steamy, endless forests, with gigantic trees.

Contrary to the liquid Pluviaes, the Flame Verifiers were interplanetary mutants, obtained through the cross-breeding of four different extra-terrestrial forms of life, resulting into a species resistant to extreme fire, freezing and drowning, with impenetrable organisms. The Flame Verifiers were biological robots, made of flesh and bones, characterized by a metallic asperity and dourness. Their bodies couldn’t be penetrated by the most powerful lasers known up to this moment, but they could be harmed by certain extra-terrestrial weapons, which were kept highly secretive, deemed illegal, due to their destructive capacity. The Flame Verifiers’ purpose was to check the inflammation ability and the quality of the flames ignited by each Burner. To test it, FV introduced their hands directly into the flames, holding them there for at least ten minutes. The procedure had to be repeated five times. If after this interval they got a tingling sensation, then the flames would have been efficient enough, at the basic level. If not, the Burner would have been branded Inefficient on his left foot, right on the sole.

Then, the IB would be subjected to re-ignition program, confined to a secret location, a sanatorium which functioned as a black-outed penitentiary. The situation could worsen every moment for an IB, as he risked to be annihilated in a controlled atomic micro-explosion, which would pulverize its body in a fraction of a second. IB knew what would happen to him if he got caught, all this classified information being transmitted to him when he volunteered for the Flame Igniters Agency. Whenever a Burner was branded Inefficient, the Flame Igniters were announced by an infiltrated agent to come and try to re-ignite the flames. Most of the times, the action would be successful, but there were failings, too. In this last situation, the IB had to hide or leave for a different dimension. Many of them preferred the Land of the Humans for their inhabitants’ naivety and incapacity to discern the difference.

IB came here for the same reason, but right now he was in danger, as the Flame Verifiers got closer and closer. The demons were waiting for him to reappear. Besides, the protective electromagnetic field wouldn’t keep the Flame Verifiers away, so he had to act fast. IB took his metallic cover, inserted it into his left palm, right in the middle, following the central line. Fiery blood and a bundle of light beams burst out, meeting the flames on his neck, producing an identical oblique line into the seventh skies’ plasma. A powerful explosion was heard, opening a fissure, inside which IB disappeared. In no time, he was back on the Land of Humans, in the Canadian mountains, aflame. The fire spread rapidly, sweeping tens of thousands of hectares of forests. Gigantic walls of blazes covered the sky, emitting drapes of smoke in the atmosphere.

IB was terrified, it was as if the abyss of inferno had opened suddenly, devouring the land. “The demons got hold of the human world!” he realized. The burner knew that the fire is the surface of the problem, diverting attention from a much worse issue, the spiritual combustion. It was a process of psychological and spiritual decomposition, transforming the person into a mere shadow. Deprived of the power to control the self, humanity regresses to primitive, animalistic stages, risking to remain there for ever. Without the power of the spirit, the humans cannot dominate their instinctuality, falling into an inferior regnum. It could be the end of the humankind. It was high time to require help from the Pluviaes, the water beings. They were the only ones who had the capacity to extinguish large fires. IB took his metallic triangle, threw it into the trunk of a burning tree, shouting “Highly respected Pluviaes, your help is needed. This fire is started by the Perennis Umbras, aiming to destroy humanity”.

The tree started to pour clear water from inside, as if it was a spring. Touching the ground, the water materialized into a Pluvia being, wearing the black lion skin outfit. Her hair took the colour of the tree bark, her face remaining transparent, profiled on the air like a vibration, while her eyes were crystal blue, almost transparent, with no pupils. The colour of the iris seemed to be flowing in all directions, capturing a different tinge according to her emotions, getting more intense when angry or furious. When she was calm and peaceful, her eyes’ colour was the shade of the sea when the clear sky unfolds above it. She could see far away into distance, spanning her sight over a continent, at the same time. If she wanted, she could concentrate harder, calibrating her sight power to cover the entire surface of the Earth at once, but there was no need for that, for the moment. Her eyes worked like the lens of a microscope, enlarging microorganisms inaccessible for the human eye, or as the lens of a telescope, scanning for celestial bodies in the cosmic space.

– What’s your name? she asked, telepathically, without moving her lips.

IB responded writing the name in his flames, which started to burn stronger, covering his head and chest. The flames arranged in letters, projecting the name Flagrans IB. The woman called herself Pura Liquida.

– Your flames are feeding the conflagration, she notified him. We have to keep them under control, she added.

Pura Liquida immersed her hand into the water poured off the tree and sprinkled his flames.

– This is pure water from my planet, the drops will readjust your flames.

Indeed, IB’s flames turned back to normal, covered by the metallic lid.

– Flagrans IB, I am informed that the conflagration is meant to cover all Earth in a certain period of time, not known yet. The border between the Hell Fire and the Human World will, then, be annulled. Everything and everybody will burn. Perennis Umbras incendium project was started last year, with the wild fires in Canada and Greece. Since then, events unfolded, reaching this dangerous threshold. It was triggered by the pagan sacrifice of the gracious ballerina. She was the symbol of purity and innocence, hated by the Perennis Umbras. You have to close the fissure produced in the seventh skies’ plasma. I will help you, Pura Liquida told him.

– What do I have to do? IB asked, using his voice.

– You have to do exactly what you did in that moment. Your invocation must contain data about the ignition and its cause. They will know what to do, to stop it.

IB took the metallic triangle and stuck it right in the middle of his palm, following the central oblique line. Flames and blood sprang out, while a strong thunder stroke. He uttered “The world is set on fire after a pagan sacrifice. Suppress the blazes with your celestial powers”. A blinding lightning teared the sky, opening a fissure, through which torrents of water began to flow. The sky liquefied, pouring down on earth. It was as if the world reversed, turning upside down, the sky moving downwards and the oceans upwards, spilling down. Falling down, the celestial waters reached the surface of the earth, as rain and mist. At the same time, the trees began to spring water from within, smothering the fires. Soon, the conflagration was extinguished, leaving the forests fuming. Pura Liquida told Flagrans IB that the celestial waters had healing capacities, enabling the woods to regenerate very quickly. It was time for IB to go now. He asked Pura Liquida if the Burners could survive on the Pluvia planet. “No Burner has come to visit us so far, but you could be helpful. I think you need a more powerful protection for your flames. The atmosphere on Pluvia is humid. We are anthropomorphic aquatic organisms, immersed into an ocean of mist. You need to exercise your telepathy, too”, Pura Liquida responded. They held hands and disappeared into a luminous whirl.

Pura Liquida and Flagrans IB arrived on Pluvia, instantly. On Pluvia, it is always daylight, their planet being a huge crystal sphere, functioning as a planetary conservatory. Because of the wet environment, they have luxuriant vegetation, giant flora and fauna, their symbol being a giant black lion with glassy blue eyes. The Pluviaes never die, just change their shape and form the way they want; if they wish, they can go on other planets. They are peaceful, but they can get rid of evil beings by just staring at them, thus making them boil, slowly liquefying their flesh and body, finally evaporating them. The process is very rapid, it takes only a few seconds. IB is very eager to know how it is possible for Pluviaes to float and fly in their environment, these aquatic anthropomorphic creatures being able to turn into steam or mist, at once, becoming invisible. They could leave their planet for a different one, travelling large chunks of cosmic space, in no time at all. “It is quite miraculous”, thought IB, wishing he could do the same.

What is hazardous for the Burner is the continuous rain, a special gaseous fall, causing him to feel like being enclosed in a sauna. In this case, IB is immersed in this watery, misty environment, consisting of vapours, threatening to put out his flame, for all. Pluviaes used this condition to camouflage themselves. IB is different, that is why Pura Liquida had to subject a telepathic official request to the Pluvia Council, to approve the creation of a suitable habitat for IB’s condition. IB could see that the Pluviaes live in liquid houses shaped as crystal spheres, imperceptible for naked eye. When they enter those houses, they cannot be seen anymore, nor their households, allowing them to be perfectly out of sight, safe and protected. Their technology permits them to turn the liquid into any matter, while the water molecules still have the same capacities. Therefore, they live in water, without it being liquid, allowing IB to live there, even though not in the best circumstances. The official telepathic request was approved immediately, in a few hours IB could move into his own apartment, designed especially for him. The Pluviaes had the capacity to perfectly control water particles, transforming its molecules into any kind of matter, in his situation being chosen fireproof metal.

Actually, they need his flames to accelerate the gasification process, Pura Liquida told him that day. She invited him to her house, till the apartment is prepared for him. On the way to her address, she played with him, making herself invisible, while they talked, IB hearing her laughing in the distance.

– Let’s take a stroll through the woods! Pura said, running forward.

IB followed her, wondering what could be dangerous inside those colossal woodlands, he never visited before.

– Aren’t you afraid of the giant black lions? IB asked her.

– They never attack us, they can read our minds. We never commit bad deeds, quite contrarily.

– What do you mean, they can read the minds?

– You will see…

Pura Liquida’s response faded away, she was already in the gigantic forest. IB was a bit frightened by this ability of the huge black lions he wasn’t aware of, before. What if the lions find out about the old woman, Bob and Bronna? How would they react? His feet moved almost mechanically, cut loose from the connection with the brain. The flame was almost extinguished, but IB couldn’t think about anything else but the lions and the mysterious Pluvia forests. He had to see what lurks there, even if his secret could be revealed, and he could be teared into pieces by the giant, omniscient animals. Getting closer, he started to hear birds chirping in heavenly tunes. All his senses got numb, conducting him towards the woods. IB saw Pura Liquida had already arrived among the trees.

He thought it is a hallucination, but as he got closer, realized that the trees turned their shape into men when Pura talked to them. “Hhhhmmmm, so strange…” IB told himself, amazed. He stepped into the woods, looking around in great amazement. The trees seemed to change their colours and the shape of the leaves, shifting into the whole palette of the rainbow. Looking closely, he thought he saw a bird turning into a woman, waving to him, inviting him to go to her. “I think I might go crazy …”, it crossed his mind. Then, other birds transformed into women, all of them gesturing to him, calling him, luring him, smiling. IB thought this was weird, totally out of the common. He stopped walking, sitting down on the grass, with his knees up to his chest, closing his eyes and covering the ears with the hands, waiting for the illusions to fade away. After a while, he observed it is silent around, and the trees were just trees, with huge trunks and crowns.

IB stood up and started to walk again, thinking about what other surprises he could expect in that bizarre space. He heard a strong roar in the distance, which made his blood freeze inside the veins. The earth seemed to tremble and, all of a sudden, the horizon darkened. There it was, a magnificent, giant, black lion appeared in front of him, fixing him with its glassy blue eyes. IB couldn’t move an inch, shivering, his hair stood on its ends. His heart was throbbing inside, his head felt as if minced. The lion was around ten meters high, every muscle shining, when breathing.

IB trembled from all his limbs, while the lion studied him, attentively. In a second, the Burner saw the lion wearing a white wig, out of which a river of green fluorescent blood flew down. Then, the lion seemed to smile, ingratiatingly, as Bob, in the next moment starting to laugh out loud, his snout resembling the fleshy mouth of Bronna. A huge Bronna bowed down to kiss him with pursed lips, threatening to swallow him, entirely. IB screamed, falling down to the ground, unconscious. His flame flickered a few seconds, extinguishing gradually. The lion approached, bowing down his head to watch the fire, and dismembered the Burner. Pura Liquida appeared out of nowhere, trying to help him, but it was too late.

Feeling guilty IB was her guest, she had to act quickly to save him, if it was still possible. She submitted a telepathic request for medical assistance. In a few seconds, they were transported, instantly, to a medical facility. Entering the premises, Pura dived into a strong, white light, inundating her from all sides. She couldn’t see her body anymore, as if she had turned invisible. She kept looking at her hands and legs covered in the black leather suit, and all she could see was the contour. The light was sterile, purifying and healing at the same time, creating a feeling of peace, happiness and self-content inside her. She was told that any health problem she could have had will disappear, as an effect of immersing into that healing light.

The scientists told her that this environment was developed as a powerful molecular regeneration facility, every consultation being an opportunity to sink into that life giving light, the strongest in the Universe. It was completely free, no charges incurred. Pluvia surpassed the financial system many thousands of years ago, at the same time with the biological embodiment, she learned about it at school, during her history classes. Their education took place while sleeping, being connected to the knowledge data through electromagnetic brain waves. She was taught the history of all the planets and their occupying civilizations, all of the Pluviaes being trained to act as interplanetary agents, if necessary.

The scientists collected the dismembered body of the victim and subjected it to various treatments. The only efficient one was the cloning, based on cells collected from the remains. In a few days, Pura was called to come and take the new IB home, a totally identical replica of the original. What was unusual about the new IB was the lack of the flames, replaced with a stream of pure water, flowing from inside. Instead of the burning tongues of flames, Pura could see a beautiful spring, streaming on his neck and shoulder, the water circuit being controlled by the body, gushing out and flowing back, harmoniously. The waters were very subtle, almost illusionary, but Pura was able to discern it, clearly. IB’s spirit was calm and aquatic now, the agitated fire being cut off. He was saved and adapted to the new environment, where he wouldn’t worry about his flames being extinguished, anymore. That is why, the doctor explained to Pura, IB’s memories were erased, new ones being implanted into his mind. The intervention team added that the main character of his new memories is Pura now, so she must take care of him, from this time forward.

– What kind of relationship do you want to have with him?, the doctor asked her.

– I don’t know…, Pura responded.

– Do you want him to be just a simple acquaintance, a boyfriend or a cousin, for instance?

– I think acquaintances would be recommended for the beginning, I have to know him better.

The team updated IB’s memories and let them go. A house was prepared for him, fully equipped and completely monitored, to research and document the experiment. The main question was if old memories of the former IB would resurface, and to what degree. A process of memory import through microbiological transfer was expected to take place. In other words, original IB’s cells could transfer their encoded memories to the new ones. The medical team wasn’t sure how and to what extent this could happen, but the new project appealed as very challenging to them. IB was the first burner arrived on Pluvia planet and the first one to be cloned. This was an opportunity long awaited by Pluvia’s scientists, determined to observe him closely, without intruding too much.

For a few months, IB behaved normally, like any other aquatic being. Gradually, he realized he is different from the others, through his streaming. The others did not have a spring sparkling outside their bodies, and he could not understand why he has one. IB discussed with Pura about this several times, having the scientists worried about his insistence on this subject. IB developed an obsession related to that singularity, convincing Pura to take him to the hospital again, to operate his streaming. Even though Pura reassured him, constantly, that she likes the spring, he wasn’t happy about it. IB started to have strange dreams about flames, fires and other bizarre phenomena, unusual for Pluvia. He told Pura about it, swearing her to secrecy, overly troubled, asking her, repeatedly, about the fire.

– It was a fascicle of flames burning aside my shoulder, where the water is now coming from. I dreamt it very clearly, last night, Pura. What do you know about fire?

– It is said that the fire was brought to humanity by Prometheus. But the legend says that he was punished by the gods, for stealing the fire from them, and his act was perceived as a treason, by the Immortales.

– Why?

– Prometheus was a revolutionary force aiming to improve human life, but the Immortales were afraid that the more power they get, the more they would expose themselves and their planet to danger.

– Who are the humans?

– There is a planet inhabited by biological mortals, called the Land of Humans, I have visited it once, accidentally.

– Tell me more about it, Pura.

– Tomorrow, IB, I have to go now. Think about the water, it is our primary force. Water always extinguishes the fire.

Pura left, but IB couldn’t stop thinking about the fire, Prometheus, the Land of Humans. That night, he dreamt about a huge fire burning in a forest, and he was there, trying to extinguish it, but couldn’t. The blazes covered the sky, the air was unbreathable. He saw Pura’s image projected on the sky, then woke up in a lake of sweat, distressed. He needed to know more. Till Pura arrived, he connected his brain waves to the collective knowledge memory, stored in the misty ether, searching for data about the Land of Humans and about the fire. IB was happy to discover various files about Prometheus and Heraclitus, the Weeping Philosopher, respected by the Pluviaes for his wisdom. Heraclitus was the author of the saying Panta rhei, “everything flows”, which was their main principle. Indeed, for the aquatic Pluviaes, all is flowing, and Heraclitus’ writings were the base of their development into an advanced, aquatic civilization.

However, Pluviaes considered Thales of Miletus their founder, through his watery thesis[1], stating that the water is the primary principle of the Universe. What was generally accepted was the idea that the Universe functions as a series of transformation of one element into another. The transformations of fire — first, sea; and of sea, half becomes earth and half the lightning-flash, said Heraclitus. What caused a never ending debate was the question related to which element is the most important, gravitating around the fire, the water, the air or the Earth. If for Pluviaes the water was the most important, for the Burners on the Flamma planet the fire was the primary force, while for humans the earth was the strongest, but all of them were important to sustain biological life. Pura Liquida knew that IB was the most important project ever deployed on Pluvia, offering the scientists the opportunity to prove the power of the water against the fire.

In this situation, her role was extremely important, and any mistake could create complex problems, some of them ethical, from her point of view. What is best for herself, for her planet and what is better for IB? Pura Liquida kept thinking about it, her mind becoming heavier than ever before. The scientists never pressured her to lie or hide certain things, and now she had to know how to answer IB’s ceaseless questions. The doctor gave her permission to tell the truth. Pura felt reenergised and the spiritual heaviness disappeared, leaving her serene and clear, as a crystalline water. When she arrived at IB’s house, he was deeply immersed into the knowledge search. He sensed her around and readjusted his brain waves to mentally converse with her. The new IB was able to communicate telepathically, all their conversations taking place this way.

– Pura, I am so glad you came. I have just found out about Thales of Miletus and Heraclitus of Ephesus. Which element is the primary one?

– For us, IB, the water is the main element, she is our mother, we could say. But for others, the situation could be different.

– You must be right, Pura, think about how fire can wreak havoc. By the way, I have dreamt about a huge fire last night, somewhere in a forest. It seems that you were there, too. Strange, isn’t it?

– Yeah, it is strange. IB, I will tell something that will surprise you, but not necessarily in a negative way. I will put it bluntly: you were a Burner, a being of fire from the planet Flamma, who took refuge on Pluvia, with me. You called for my help during a horrible fire, started on the Land of Humans by the Perennis Umbras. You and I, together, succeeded to extinguish the conflagration, and you decided to come with me on Pluvia.

– This is totally surprising. That’s why the dreams about the flames keep coming back to me…

– It is more complicated than that. When we arrived on Pluvia, you wanted to roam within our forests and a tragic thing has happened, you were attacked by a giant black lion.

– Oh, my God, but they are peaceful creatures!

– That’s what intrigued us the most. I called for help and the doctors obtained a new you, through cloning, it was the only way. But the process needed to replace your flames with a clear spring of water, otherwise you couldn’t survive here. Now you know it.

– That is completely smashing for me. I am very curious to know about planet Flamma and the life there.

– You can do it now, I will leave, I have things to do.

Pura left, leaving IB in a state of agitated curiosity. He reconnected to the knowledge memory again, browsing about Flamma and the Burners. For Flamma, the fire was the essence of life, they needed its energy to function. Slowly, IB learned about the Efficient and Inefficient Burners, about the Flame Verifiers and their power of control. He found out about the way the Inefficient Burners relocated on the Land of Humans, about their metallic lid used to shield the flames. He found a report about his absence, with his picture attached to a file. There, in that picture, it was himself, but different. His flames were burning aside, creating a hallo of light around him. He was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand how the Flame Verifiers were allowed to label the burners as inefficient or efficient, it seemed overtly discriminating. IB thought that maybe the burners needed his help. He decided to try to track them, if it was possible.

IB slid into a relaxing meditation, utterly relieved, now that he knew the truth. He appreciated Pura for telling him the truth and realized that he needs to know more, maybe travel to Flamma, as dangerous as it might appear. When Pura came to see him next day, he told her the news about the former IB. Browsing together, they found data about the Flame Igniters Agency and a list of Flame Verifiers accused of corruption. Two of them were involved in his case and now they have the occasion to eliminate them. Pura and IB will have to plan it, thoroughly and carefully, but first of all, they have to announce the scientists, who could reject their request or help them.

When the team of scientists heard about this, they asked for time to analyse the proposal. On the one hand, they had the chance to study the fire on Flamma, on the other hand, they realized the dangerous implications. Awaiting for their answer, IB used the time to document on important facts about Pluvia and Flamma civilizations, being interested even in The Land of Humans. The humans still have encoded information about other civilizations that used to live there, in the past. IB was surprised to find out that the Flammaes and the Pluviaes evolved on planet Earth in their ancient times, at a certain stage of their evolution moving to different environments, better equipped for their sustenance.

Actually, Pluvia was engineered in complex biotechnology projects, developed at gigantic scales. Scientifically and technically, they were in such a state of evolution that were able to create a planet from scratch, using the power of mind over matter and natural energies at hand. Their brains had the capacity to store unimagined volumes of information. As a matter of fact, their brain was their whole body, as they were aquatic virtual beings, enclosed in a crystal membrane, for a better data storage and transfer. The Pluviaes were connected to the Seventh Sky’s Cosmic Force. If Flammaes chose the third sky, the Pluviaes deserved the sixth one, closest to the Seventh Skies’ Celestial Powers. It was easy for IB to understand that their pacifist way of life entitled them to live on this magnificent planet, truly a Paradise. IB never encountered so much kindness and lack of selfishness as on Pluvia, the place of serenity, everlasting peace, indestructible knowledge and eternal life, the planet of the Permanent Rainbow. Iris, the Sacred Rainbow, covered their sky, reflected and propagated by the water molecules. In the ancient times, Iris was considered the winged messenger of gods. Zeus sends Iris to bring the gods’ great oath from far off in a golden jug, the celebrated cold water that drops from a high, sheer cliff and, far below the wide-pathed earth, flows from the holy river through dark night, a branch of Oceanus.

There, on Pluvia, it is always daylight, spreading a wonderful rainbow-coloured luminosity, all over the horizon. The Pluviaes don’t need sleep to recharge their energy, consequently, they don’t need night. It is a great feeling to see light all the time, especially the rainbow-filtered light, feeding your spirit, entertaining a sense of constant happiness, the euphoria. The force of water is good, IB told himself, it is soft and non-aggressive, cleaning you inside and outside. He is reading now about the sacred waters of the ancient times, one of the most famous being the spring from Delphi. IB read about the temple of Apollo, Pluviaes’ leader, the healer of minds and bodies, urging humans to know themselves through the message Gnothi Seauton. His priestess was Pythia, Pluviaes’ prototype and ancestor, who used to purify herself in the Castalian spring, drinking water from Kassotis, to get inspired. I shall speak of Phoibos’ Oracles, Pytho and Klaros. Many Oracles with springs and exhalations have appeared on earth and earth has swallowed them again; the passage of time has destroyed them. But Helios (i.e. Apollo) still has the holy water of Mykale at Didyma, the rock of Pytho and rugged Klaros, mouth of the oracular voice.

There were other sacred waters waving their purifying, clear, vibrant mirrors under the human sky, but their location was forgotten over time. IB had the map in front of his eyes now, studying it, anxiously. If the sacred waters surfaced under all the seventh skies, their point of origin was singular, they all flow from Pluvia, downwards. There was a complicated network of waters supervised by the scientists on Pluvia, making sure that the other planets are given the opportunity to sip the healing waters. The Pluviaes were particulary interested in the Land of Humans, their former Sacred Mother, Terra Rhea, to whom they paid great respect. Whenever they needed help, the Pluviaes delivered, the only condition being the ability of the Earth inhabitants to communicate with them. A clarity, a purity of spirit was necessary, which was rarely found there, lately, unfortunately. IB saw a few active points flashing intermittently on the interactive map, somewhere in Europe, and filed the information in his memory, in case he needed it.

Regarding Flamma, he searched data about the Flame Igniters Agency, the Supreme Law of Ignition and especially about the Flame Verifiers. These were tough guys, a hideous genetic experiment meant to control the planet of the Burners. According to Heraclitus, the fire represented a powerful force, able to consume the burner. He equalled the burning fire to the concept of hybris – to extinguish hybris is more needed than to extinguish a fire. Hybris was perceived as a terrible mistake, in those times, an offence to the powers of the Universe, which could trigger awful punishments. Even great civilizations had fallen, after committing hybris. “Never play with the fire”, IB murmured to himself, glad he got rid of the flames burning openly on his body.

His greatest interest was in the creation of the Flames Verifiers, isolating DNA from four different extra-terrestrial forms of life, constructing an indestructible organism, according to complex, interplanetary, genotype instructions. It seems the FVs were biological robots endowed with dourness and impenetrability. However, IB found a list of secret weapons that could destroy the Verifiers, many of them kept in a Museum of Arms on Pluvia, where nobody used destruction instruments. In this situation, when the weaponries were needed to deploy an operation on another planet, against aggressive species, he had to file a telepathic request for assistance. Immediately, he received a confirmation message, being instructed to wait for the answer. Till the acceptance, IB was given user manuals for every weapon.

The Pluviaes despised the armaments, considered relics of a primitive age, when violence, hate and death ruled the world. Those negative manifestations were supposed to corrode the matter and the spirit, at the same time, causing a set-back, a regression in the collective evolution. Its effect is a miasma covering the Earth, making it obscure, hidden from the celestial powers, lowering the human world into an inferior dimension. Pluvia was, now, the most advanced civilization evolved from human DNA. How they defend themselves, in case of invasion, IB asked himself. There was no need for security, the other beings were not spiritually able to access their minds and their location. They are not even aware of their existence. The Pluviaes have the capacity of inactivating brains, by blocking their electromagnetic field, instantly, but it was never necessary. What kind of guns could he use to annihilate the corrupt Flame Verifiers’ agents? Do the ancient weapons still work? He was assured the lasers were extremely powerful and functional, as in the first day. Nevertheless, Pura advised him to wait for the scientists’ answer, they certainly prepared a plan of action for him, with all the details clear. She told IB that she had the power to liquefy and boil every human or non-human being, in seconds. She has the ability to attract and concentrate the solar energy to the highest temperature, projected through her eyes onto the victim, evaporated in a few seconds.

Pura was inclined to think that an instant pulverization of their bodies would be better than using primitive means of destruction, abolished since antiquity. Even though it seems horrible, using concentrated solar energy to punish flawed individuals is non-subjective and non-personal. She serves as a means of projection, a lens, to filter and focus the energy, which is, actually, out of her control. If the future victim is not guilty, then the condemnation is annulled. While looking at the target, Pura scans the mind, searching for files containing culpability and evidence to sustain it. No one can escape this mental examination, usually performed in less than a second. Pura told IB the secret of their close cooperation with the sun, a very strong force of the Universe, symbolized by Apollo, their historical leader. Water and solar light work together, in total harmony, and it will always be like that. This is the secret of life, be it vegetal, animal, human, mutant or spiritual.

Pura arrived with news, smiling.

– We can go, IB, we have the permission.

– I can’t believe, it is marvellous, but dangerous, too, IB responded.

– There is a plan for us, you are allowed to take one weapon, this one.

Pura showed IB a crystal sphere of ten centimetres diameter. IB took it in his hand, studying it, attentively. It seemed a crystal toy, at first, for relaxation, maybe.

– This is a toy, Pura.

– No, it isn’t, don’t let yourself be fooled by appearances. It a very powerful laser, activated by mental command. It can incinerate a city, in a few seconds. It uses the power of the sun. You should be careful with it. The trick is that the sphere connects to the victim’s brain, triggering the incineration only if she or he was a spirit possessed by Umbras.

– Incredible. Do you think I can use it by myself?

– Yes, it is already connected to your mind, you have full control now. But I will be around, in case I am needed. This is because you don’t have the power to liquefy, not yet. Besides the sphere, you need to project an electromagnetic shield of protection. Every being violating it could be paralyzed.

IB knew that he could connect to FVs’ brains to read the deepest memories, but he couldn’t operate them, giving mental commands, a simple task for Pura. Flagrans IB and Pura Liquida arrived on Flamma, in the form of a devastating asteroid explosion. On Flamma, the temperature is extremely high, over 100 degrees C, the environment being as hot as a girded oven. Here, it is always night, the ground is metallic, the grass and vegetation being modelled in permanent flames. The sky is reddish, almost burning. Curiously, there is no smoke emitted, being collected and diverted in deep space. Concomitantly, there are no ashes, because the blazes were produced from inside the planet’s core. The Flamma planet was engineered by the Flammaes’ ancestor, Vulcan, in the ancient times.

Pura realized the resemblance between Flamma and the Perennis Umbras’ world. She blocked Flammaes’ monitoring devices by altering their planet’s electromagnetic field. The time stopped on Flamma for a few seconds, enough for her mind to read and copy all the information required by the scientists. Just being there, Pura could extract information from air, fire, metal, minds and various technologies. It was as if everything was speaking to her, offering data, merely through their existence. Pura was capable to magnify data contained by microorganisms, cells, atoms, molecules and collect information from distant sources in the Universe. When scanning around, she verified the consistency of information, checking the similarity between microdata and macrodata, which, usually, have to correspond to each other. The data accessed her brain in series of codes, letters, numbers and other symbols, the process of decoding, checking and storing being deployed concurrently.

Pura left home her black costume, wearing a translucid one, allowing her to be invisible for Flamma’s inhabitants. The translucid outfit protected her from FVs’ scanners, able to spot her presence as light waves. IB took the sphere with him, attached to the crystal lid that covered his stream. First, they went to his mother, letting her know he is safe and sound. She couldn’t see Pura, just feel her calming presence around. Then, they went to search for the corrupt agents, code names RRV and OAV. Pura monitored them in real time, connected to the FV agency network. Agents RRV and OAV were sent to filter the traffic, to hunt an escaped inefficient burner. He vanished into thin air, while the agents prepared to mark him inefficient. Of course, the disappearance was instrumented by Pura and IB, determined to create a shocking situation, to divert their attention.

First, she entered deep into their minds, reading the files, together with IB. The incriminating data was there, buried under a pyramid of dumped dreams. They found images of IB secretly stored, together with personal contact information, a map of his locations and a subconscious button to trigger his tracking. Last time, IB was spotted on the Land of Humans. The agents were expecting him to return on Flamma or on Earth, but he couldn’t be traced now, as his molecular composition changed. Protected by her invisibility, Pura liquefied RRV and OAV in two seconds. They were vaporized like two cups of water, boiled in a volcano. There was nothing left of them. The FVs agents were equipped to face a higher temperature, but not a lava melting one, over 1000 degrees C. She told IB it was high time to go back, rushing IB to mentally communicate to his mother that he will come to see her regularly. The corrupt agents were eliminated, the fake files were completely deleted, he was entirely free now.

Pura and IB returned on Pluvia to purify their spirits, after the mission on Flamma. It wasn’t her decision to eliminate the corrupt agents, but the Universe’s reaction to their mistakes. The ray beam filtered through Pura’s eyes was extremely powerful, fuelled by the agents’ will to harm IB. Their arrogance and wish to destroy him, despite being aware of his innocence, doomed them, feeding the destructive force returned to them, increased. More than that, RRV and OAV had IB on their emergency list, to be eliminated ASAP. If IB gave information to others, they would have been compromised. It didn’t cross their minds that IB might get help from the Pluviaes, superior to them in every way. Most feared for their morality, the crystal-aquatics had the greatest power in the Universe, working for the Celestial Powers, while FVs were conducting themselves after the principle “the strongest takes it all”, which was rather primitive. Many of them nurtured exploiters’ mind-sets, displaying a totalitarian and abusive behaviour.

Pura and IB were expected at the medical facilities, where the healing light regenerated their bodies and spirits. Hearing that he had been on Earth before, the scientists proposed IB a new project. He had to go and verify the earthly active spots on the interactive map. IB found a woman somewhere in Europe, she seemed to be able to communicate with the Pluviaes. At first, IB had to send data in her dreams. After a few dreams, when she was already familiarized with his appearance, IB influenced her to take a walk in the nature, near a water course, where he materialized to her as a foreigner, hiking in the nearby forest.

– Hi, I think I lost my way, said IB.

– You seem somehow familiar to me, she replied.

– Curiously, you look familiar to me, too.

While chit-chatting simplicities, IB worked on her brain, emitting telepathic instructions to her nervous system. His virtual commands entered her brain as liquid crystal micro-particles, almost gaseous, becoming crystal neurones in her white, grey matter and corpus callosum. Following their meeting, in a few months, the crystal neurones network extended in her whole brain. Now, the woman’s head has become a transmitter for Pluvia. IB was surprised to see that the woman on Earth looked like Pura. She had blue eyes which changed their colour in the sunlight, turning almost silvery. Her name was Saphiro. She looked straight into IB’s eyes when speaking, making him think it is Pura talking to him. Arriving back on Pluvia, he told Pura about Saphiro. She wanted to meet the woman.

– It could be a sister, said Pura.

– What, your sister? asked IB.

– A genes transmission in time, it can work over tens of thousands of years. She might be my biological sister, a human clone.

– What does it mean, your human clone? It’s confusing.

– We are the same, but she is earthly, flesh and blood, while I’m crystal-aquatic. It is as if I see myself human again, as I used to be thousands of years ago.

– Do you think I might find a devolved myself there, too?

– I don’t know, it is a rare phenomenon, but you could try.

That day, IB studied the interactive map of the Earth, attentively. Next day, Pura and IB discussed about Saphiro and how should they approach her development as a trusted Pluvia collaborator.

– We need to expand her chronological life span, said Pura.

– Is it possible? asked IB.

– The crystal neuronal network will keep her biological cells regenerated. We have to teach her how to attract and direct light molecules into her system. She will need to eat healthy food, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, drink pure water. The sunlight in important, it purifies the spirit and enhances the strength of her brain waves. It is better if she stays in the sunshine, while immersed in water, the result is more efficient. And, most importantly, she has to be virtuous.

– We will try to transfer the knowledge to her, when we go there next time.

The time to go back on Earth, to meet Saphiro, has come. They arrived near a big city, crossed by many waterways, surrounded by thick forests. When Pura saw Saphiro, she was surprised they look so much alike. Pura almost felt Saphiro was her own reflection in a mirrored world. However, Saphiro was human, constructed on biological DNA, while Pura was crystal-aquatic. Pura was transparent, Saphiro was fleshy and Flagrans IB was a mixture of them, containing molecules of fire. All of them had blue eyes, but there were certain differences: Pura didn’t have pupils, in IB’s eyes there was a pair of microflames burning, while Saphiro’s eyes were almost silvery. Since the crystal neural network extended in her brain, the eyes seemed illuminated from the inside, taking a led light bulb appearance. The skin changed, too, displaying a strange glow, especially when Pura and IB accessed her brain.

Saphiro was now on her way to become a human-crystal hybrid, but she did not know anything about it. She will be Pluviaes’ agent, developed to deliver constant information collected from the stimuli around her, selected afterwards according to their relevance and importance. In other words, Saphiro was living her life, but all the data transmitted to her brain was intercepted by the Pluviaes. Whenever necessary, Saphiro was telepathically instructed to take common actions, under their command, to access the brains of certain people. Wherever Saphiro was located, she worked as a biological wireless router, communicating information extracted from the other’s brains, with all their memories, even subconscious.

The Pluviaes’ scientists were interested in verifying the collective memory of the most intelligent humans, to search for lost files regarding the evolution of humanity and other extinct civilizations that lived on Earth, thousands of years ago. If the humans were still blind about their planet’s past, some of them were suspicious about what they called alien civilizations that might have founded flourishing cultures on Earth. Actually, it was the other way around, evolved humans that operated changes on their brains and DNA molecules left Earth for planetary environments with better living conditions for them. The connection hasn’t been lost, but the gap between the Pluviaes and the humans deepened in time, the crystal-aquatics reaching such a far state of evolution that made them invisible and inexistent for the humans. Actually, humans aren’t aware of other planetary existences, such as the Pluviaes or the Flammaes, considering themselves the only inhabitants of the Universe, which is a regrettable mistake. It is as if the human civilization was the toddler of the Universe, trying to know the world around, without being able to go outside the house.

The Pluviaes wanted to recover compromised or deleted files in the collective subconscious, implementing a cosmic project of historical data recovery. They wanted to rewrite the correct history of the planet Earth and its former inhabitants, digging deep into their minds, for forgotten or dumped data. Saphiro scanned various human scientists’ brains, to perform the search. She was sent to visit historical sights, to scan the natural memory storing backgrounds, such as water, air, stone and earth strata. It was not a coincidence that Saphiro was born in that part of Europe, where the heart of civilization was located in the far past. Growing up, her brain extracted information from the natural environment, stored there by the former civilizations. They left encrypted data about their genetic construction, some of those being found, but not decoded yet. Most of the evidence was destroyed by less evolved humans, in their wish to wipe off traces of Pluviaes’ and Flammaes’ existence there.

The subtle data, invisibly deposited in the air or water, wasn’t yet studied by humans. However, subconsciously, they were informed about it, following the Universe’s instructions to store it there, till the time comes to be properly accessed, read and interpreted. Pluviaes wanted to do it now, to reconstitute the lost data, save and store it on their planet. The actual human civilization was at a break point, when the past was reconstructed in error, thus prompting the future towards the wrong direction. If the formula applied to the equation is mistaken, then the result is null. To help their former home, the Pluviaes were obliged to help humans find their correct direction. There were opposing interests sustained by the Perennis Umbras, other subtle presences which were, somehow, better perceived, due to their low frequencies.

The Perennis Umbras’ goal was to keep humanity marking time, even regressing, to feed on their disabled spirits. Humans were not yet equipped to deal with mental and spiritual invasion, easily becoming victims. Consequently, their chronological life span was reduced, as well as their capacity to analyse information around them. To lead them out of this deadlock, the Pluviaes launched the historical data recovery cosmic project. Making the information available to them, humans could use it to their benefit, regaining control over their evolution. If human historical trajectory had been analysed, it would have been obvious the movement was cyclic, not linear, heading in the right direction, as it should have been. Pluviaes’ mission was extremely important, their project was constructed as a feedback and feedforward process. They extracted relevant information and fed important data back into the sensitive minds, information which could not be, consciously, accessed by the human intellect, at this stage of evolution.


to be continued   



[1] Thales of Miletus,

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